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With 95 exercises and 21 mini-lectures, Creative Writing: the Matrix is a print book for writers who teach or are about to teach creative writing to adults. Can be adapted by teachers for all levels and circumstances of teaching creative writing, and by individual writers and writers’ circles.

Contents arranged in 5 sections: Nurture, Running the Course — planning, pacing, forming and supporting the group (and the tutor); guidelines for non-destructive workshopping. Stimulus — over 40 exercises plus methods to light the creative spark. Craft — honing the skills, 40 more exercises including story-starters, character, p.o.v., dialogue, scene, plot, richer writing. Process — 7 tools to aid the creative process, plus mini-lectures and exercises to help break through inhibitions and procrastination; routes to publication.

Creative Writing: the Matrix, exercises and ideas for creative writing teachers, by Susan Lee Kerr.
Paperback: 138 pp  Publisher: Paxton Publishing ISBN: 9780955137006  Publication date: 1 Nov 2007; 3rd printing 2015.
Dimensions: 21.8 x 14.8 x 1.2cm (ca 6″ x 9″)
Retail price: £7.00. UK distribution only. For individual purchase direct from author contact paxtonpublishing@gmail.com. also available on amazon.
Booksellers and retailers please contact nielsen, Gardners, Bertram etc.Creative Writing the Quick Matrix ebook

NEW: Creative Writing: the Quick Matrix is an efficient ebook that features selected extracts from the original paperback, Creative Writing: the Matrix, exercises and ideas for creative writing teachers. The 86 exercises and 18 mini-lectures in the ebook appear in the print version, excluding some material of a longer, deeper nature, especially in creative processes and story craft. Both versions are chock full of in-class exercises and advice based on 15 years of teaching creative writing to adults. The digital book is available for worldwide distribution.

Creative Writing: the Quick Matrix, selected exercises and ideas for teachers, by Susan Lee Kerr
eBook file size: 640 KB. Publisher: Paxton Publishing ePub ISBN 9780955137013 mobi ISBN 9780955137020 Retail price: £2.99/$3.87  Through Kindle and all the usual eBook channels. publication date: 31 august 2015.

Author Susan Lee Kerr offers further tips and exercises in a dedicated blog. Click here to visit teachingcreativewriting.